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TAFE and training courses can give you worthwhile skills for just about every industry. Training gives you pathways to further training and better careers. Some TAFE institutes also offer higher education (university-equivalent) qualifications.

Topics on this page include:

> TAFE qualifications - the basics
> Choosing a course
> How to apply for a course
> Get help paying for your course
> Links to more information

TAFE qualifications - The basics

TAFE courses offer a range of qualifications, from Certificate I up to Graduate Diplomas. Generally speaking, the higher a TAFE qualification, the longer it takes to complete.

  • Certificate II and III courses can usually be finished in less than six months.
  • Diploma courses can take up to three years to complete.

Here's a rough breakdown of TAFE and training qualifications:

  • Certificate I courses teach basic skills that can be used in simple jobs
  • Certificate II courses train participants for entry-level positions or apprenticeships
  • Certificate III courses help you to develop skills, knowledge and problem-solving abilities
  • Certificate IV courses train you for supervisory and management positions
  • Diploma courses teach skills in professional, technical or creative fields
  • Advanced Diploma courses teach high-level skills in technical, professional and creative fields
  • Graduate Certificate and Graduate Diploma courses are equivalent to a university degree with Honours

For more detailed information about TAFE qualifications, check out the Australian Qualifications Framework website (new window).

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Choosing a TAFE or training course

The best way to make a decision about what kind of TAFE or training course to do is to work backwards: 

  1. Think about what kind of job you might like in the future
  2. Find out what skills or qualifications you’ll need 

You can start your research with these pages on Youth Central:

To find a subject or course that you can study at TAFE in Victoria, use the Course Search tools on the Victorian Skills Gateway (new window) to find courses by:

  • Course name
  • Area of interest
  • Institution

For more advice about choosing courses, visit:

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How to apply for a TAFE or training course

Applications for most courses can be made directly to either:

  • The institution or training provider
  • The Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre (VTAC)

To find out how to apply for a specific course, you'll need to do some research on each provider you're interested in. You can find information by either: 

  • Visiting their website
  • Contacting them directly

Use the course search tools (new window) on the Victorian Skills Gateway to find contact details and web addresses for TAFE and training providers. 

For more information about applying for courses, check out our Applying for Courses section.

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Get help paying for your TAFE or training course

The Victorian Training Guarantee helps make TAFE and training more accessible to people who either:

  • Don't already have a post-school qualification (i.e., have only completed school to year 10, 11 or 12)
  • Want a higher level qualification than they already have

It provides subsidised training for all eligible Victorians, which can mean things like:

  • Cheaper fees
  • Guaranteed places in courses

To see if you're eligible: 

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Find out more about TAFE and training

If you have any other questions about TAFE and training in Victoria, you can 

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