VTAC - The Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre


The Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre (VTAC) looks after applications and offers for places in courses at universities, TAFEs and independent tertiary colleges in Victoria (and a few outside Victoria).

Topics on this page include:

> VTAC and the ATAR
Key dates for VTAC applications
Making a VTAC application
Where to get help

VTAC and the ATAR

The main thing VTAC does is calculate and issue the ATAR for VCE students. This information is sent to all students who complete Year 12. It's also sent to selection authorities at institutions. For more about the ATAR, check out our VCE page.

You don't need an ATAR to apply for tertiary courses in Victoria, though. Anyone can apply for a course through VTAC as long as they're either:

  • An Australian citizen or permanent resident
  • A New Zealand citizen 

Check out VTAC's Who can apply for courses through VTAC? page (new window) for full details.

VTAC doesn't decide who gets into what course. All decisions about offers are made by course selection authorities at institutions. After selection is finished, VTAC sends out offer letters on the institutions' behalf.

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Key dates for VTAC applications

There are three deadlines for submittiong your VTAC applications. The later you apply, the more money your application costs.

  • The timely application date is the earliest date for applications - it's also the cheapest way to apply
  • The late application date costs more, but is still available if you miss the timely date
  • Very late applications are possible for a short time if you miss the timely and late applications

Current dates for application are listed on the Dates and fees page on the VTAC website.

To find out what happens after you've applied, check out our VTAC offers - Don't panic! and A guide to changing your preferences pages.

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Making a VTAC application

For some courses you need to apply directly for a place, instead of applying through VTAC. For more about this, check out the list of institutions that require direct applications (new window).

If you do need to apply for your course through VTAC, you need to:

1. Register for a VTAC user account

When you register you'll be asked to nominate a PIN.

2. Receive your VTAC ID

For current Victorian Year 12 students, your VTAC ID is the same as your student number. Non-Year 12 applicants are given a VTAC ID.

3. Log Into the VTAC website and create your application

Use the VTAC course application tool to apply for a course. Visit VTAC's how to apply for courses page (new window) for more.

You can also use your VTAC account to change your:

  • Course preferences
  • Personal details
  • Account/application details
  • PIN

On the VTAC website you can also:

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Where to get help

Check out VTAC's Help Centre (new window) for answers to frequently asked questions and technical support. 

VTAC also runs a blog (new window) you can subscribe to so you get reminders about important dates and answers to frequently asked questions. You can also follow them on Twitter (new window).

If you need to talk to someone directly, you can call 1300 364 133.

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