Mid-year entry


If you didn't get into the uni or TAFE course you wanted when offers were sent out in January, mid-year entry may be a second chance to get into that course.

Mid-year entry is when you start a university or TAFE course at the beginning of second semester. Mid-year courses usually start in July each year, but this can vary from institution to institution.

Find out if mid-year entry is offered

Not every course offers mid-year entry. To see if the course you're interested in takes students at mid-year, check out the website of the uni or TAFE offering it, or give them a call.

You can find the websites of most institutions in Victoria using one of the following:

Information nights

Some institutions hold mid-year entry information nights toward the end of first semester, usually in late May. Check with each individual institution for dates of these events.

A quick search for "mid-year entry" and the institution you're thinking of studying at should turn up some information. If not, you can always give them a call.

Mid-year can mean extra work 

If you do start a course at mid-year, you should be prepared for a heavy workload - you'll have a whole semester's worth of learning to catch up on! Some courses refer to their mid-year intake as the "intensive" stream.

To get a sense of what is expected from mid-year students and how much of a workload you might have, you should contact the individual courses that you're interested in and speak to them.

For tips on managing your study workload, check out our Study Tips & Resources pages.

How to apply for mid-year entry

Most applications for mid-year entry need to be made through VTAC, but there are exceptions. Check the website of the course or institution that you're interested in to see if mid-year applications need to be made through VTAC or directly through the institution.

VTAC applications for mid-year entry are usually open between April and June each year. For a list of important dates, including application open and closing dates, check out the VTAC website Dates and Fees page (new window).

If you do have to apply through VTAC, the process is the same as applying for entry through VTAC at the end of the year. For tips on applying, the VTAC website has: 

 If you have any problems with your application you can call VTAC directly on 1300 364 133.

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