Paying for study


Education doesn't come cheap, unfortunately. If you're planning to do some tertiary study, you’ll have to pay tuition fees for any university or TAFE course you enrol in. You'll also have to pay for courses you do with other education or training providers.

Tuition fees do not usually cover the cost of textbooks or other course materials, so you’ll have to find money for these too.

On top of this, your uni or TAFE might also charge a general service or amenities fee (expect this to be somewhere between $50 and $400) which will be used to fund student services and activities.

The good news is that if you’re studying at uni or TAFE you can register for a Commonwealth government loan. This means you don’t have to pay your tuition fees until later in life when you’re earning enough money to make repayments.

There are also scholarships and government allowances that can help to ease the financial burden on students.

For more information about paying for study, check out the Paying for your course page in our Study & training section.