Crime and prevention


The role of the Victoria Police

One of the most important roles of the Victoria Police is the prevention of crime.

Only around 20 percent of the work carried out by our police officers directly involves fighting crime. The remainder of police work involves general policing and helping the community in order to provide a secure and orderly society.

The Crime Department of the Victoria Police uses specialist investigative skills to carry out inquiries into criminal activities.

The Crime Department is organised into various divisions. Each division is made up of different squads. Examples of squads operating within the Crime Department include:

  • The Organised Crime Squad
  • The Homicide Squad
  • The Surveillance Unit
  • The Drug Squad
  • The Major Fraud Squad

Crime prevention programs

Throughout Victoria there are lots of programs that invite you to assist with crime prevention.

  • Neighbourhood Watch (new window) is a program that aims to increase the number of reported crimes by encouraging people who live within the same area to report suspicious behaviour, to share information about crimes that have happened within a community, and by undertaking other preventative measures
  • Violence within the family is a crime - there are things that can be done to prevent this kind of violence. Bursting the Bubble (new window) is a website with loads of information about what options are available to you if either you or a friend is experiencing violence in the family


Victoria Police - Community Safety
Guides for safety and crime prevention, whether you're out on your own, driving in your car, at home or on public transport.

Department of Justice - Safer Communities
A division of the Victorian Department of Justice with information and resources about crime prevention strategies and their effectiveness.

Domestic Violence Resource Centre Victoria
Provides information on education and training, a newsletter, various publications and referral services to those suffering from domestic violence.

Australian Institute of Criminology - Crime Prevention
A good resource of Victorian and national organisations dedicated to crime prevention.