Work experience in rural and regional Victoria


Looking for work experience shouldn't be more difficult just because you live in rural or regional Victoria. In fact, there are a lot of things about work experience that are easier if you live outside the big smoke.

Tap into your local community

One of the great things about living rurally or regionally is that you and your family probably have a good network of connections to your local community. That means they probably know people who own, run or work for local businesses, that sort of thing.

By tapping into this network, you should be able to find an opportunity to do work experience in the industry and job of your choice.

First, let your family and family friends know the kind of work experience you would like and ask them if they know someone who can help you.

Be creative

You may face more challenges than your city cousins getting the sort of work experience that you really want, but that just means you have to think creatively. You could try:

  • Doing a job you hadn't considered before
  • Working in a different industry
  • Talking to your careers advisor or the teacher who organises the school work experience program
  • Rescheduling your ideal work experience for the school holidays or over the summer break
  • Cold calling local businesses in your area
  • Calling the head office of a large company to see if they can help you find a work experience position closer to home
  • Contacting your local council (they have many links into your community, including the business community)
  • Approaching your local Rotary or Lions group, the chambers of commerce in your city or town, or other business networking groups for assistance

Sometimes work experience can be as much about finding out what you don't want to do as it is about finding something you do want to do.

Find a home away from home

Another option is to ask if you can stay with family friends or relatives who live close to somewhere you can do your work experience program.

Do you have grandparents, aunts and uncles and other relatives and family friends that live in a big regional centre or even Melbourne? If you can convince them to put up with you for a couple of weeks, you'll get the experience of living away from home as well as work experience.


Work Experience Manual
Outlines the things you need to consider when organising work experience. Download Section B, 'Roles and Responsibilities'. This document explains your responsibilities, and those of your school, your employer, and your parents.