Career Planning Resources


A career plan can help you work out what jobs suit your interests and abilities, then help you work out how to get it.

How to create a career plan

Putting together a career plan normally involves:

  • Identifying your skills, goals and interests
  • Picking a job, course or training program that relates to those skills, goals and interests
  • Coming up with a strategy to get into work or training that leads to your chosen job

Remember: your career plan isn't about locking you in. You can change it if you need to. A good career plan should grow and change as you do. It's also a good idea to revisit your career plan to see how you're tracking or get some inspirations.

Career planning resources online

Here's a brief overview of some websites with step-by-step guides, tips and tools for planning your career:

  • Career Interest Explorer - this 5-minute quiz matches your interests to relevant industries and training (it's on an apprenticeships website, but the results are useful for anyone planning their career)
  • MyFuture - Sign up for free to this government website and build a profile that lists your skills and interests, then match them to jobs in a career profile database
  • A Career Plan - The Victorian Government's careers website presents a five-step process for career planning
  • Graduate Careers - Your Career and You (PDF, 576kb) - This booklet is designed to help students and graduates understand their skills and attributes by doing a number of written exercises

Career counsellors

Instead of jumping straight into a career plan by yourself, you could ask for help from a professional career counsellor.

If you're still at high school, book in some time to talk to your careers teacher. If you're at uni or TAFE, visit your student union to see what kind of career counselling services are on offer.

To find out more about Career Counsellors, check out our Career Counselling page.

Career planning support for people with a disability

Disability Employment Australia (DEA) offers free employment support to people with a disability, including help with career planning. They can help you:

  • Find out what kind of work is out there
  • Identify the job or career you want
  • Take steps to get you that job 

To find out more about how they can help, visit the DEA People with Disability page (new window).

If you're still in high school you (or your parents or guardians) could also ask your careers teacher about the Strengthened Pathways Planning program, which provides a series of career planning resources designed for students with disabilities. You can also check out the Department of Education website for more about Strengthened Pathways Planning (new window).