Wholesale, retail & service

Work in the wholesale, retail or service industries involves selling or providing goods or services to other businesses and organisations (wholesale trading) or to the general public (retail and services trading).

This covers a whole range of jobs including salespeople, shopfitters, service providers and people who work in marketing, support services or administration.

Associations, peak bodies & government organisations

Visit these organisations to find out more about each industry including information about jobs, career paths and training opportunities.

Australian Booksellers Association
Australian Retailers Association
Consumer Affairs Victoria
Hairdressing & Beauty Industry Association
Jewellers Association of Australia
Master Grocers Australia
Pharmacy Guild of Australia
Shop Distributive and Allied Employees Association

Career profiles

Find out about the types of jobs that people do in the wholesale, retail and service industries.

Find out what it's like to be an audiovisual retail assistant.
Find out what it's like to work as a retail assistant.
Joy shares the ins and outs of work as a waitress in a fast food restaurant.
Ben shares his impressions of what it's like to work as a supermarket night-fill worker.
From a very early age Kirsten showed a great talent for making and cake decorating. Her education has taken her all over the world to Belgium, France, Switzerland and Singapore.
How do you become a jeweller?
How do you become a florist?
What does an auctioneer do?

Jane, mid 30s

How do you become a hairdresser?
Butchers are responsible for boning and cutting up meat. They can work in butcheries, abattoirs, for supermarkets, and as wholesalers to restaurants and catering companies.
Got green thumbs? Gardening is a physically demanding job. You've got to be tough and be able to 'keep on trucking' even when it's raining. Find out more about being a Gardener.
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