Science & engineering

Science and engineering careers include:

  • Biological and physical sciences
  • Agricultural sciences
  • Social sciences
  • Research and scientific testing
  • Civil, mechanical, industrial, electrical and aerospace engineering
  • Engineering services

Associations, peak bodies & government organisations

Visit these organisations to find out more about each industry including information about jobs, career paths and training opportunities.

Association of Professional Engineers, Scientists and Managers Australia
Australian Institute of Energy
Commonwealth Scientific & Industrial Research Organisatio (CSIRO)
Engineers Australia

Career profiles

Find out about the types of jobs that people do in the science and engineering industries

Teresa, 33

Nicole, 25

Monica, 22

Monica was a natural candidate f

Michael, 30

Kylie, 28

Jordana, 32

Frank, 34

Annelise, 25

If you don't fancy interacting with reptiles, amphibians, and insects on a daily basis, then Alan's job is not for you.

Tammie, 26

As a Programming and Tool Scheduler, Tammie is part of the team who develop, manage and maintain the tool tracking system for the Toolroom at Ford. Find out more:

Prue works for Gippsland Aeronautics, a compa

Brett, 25

Brett is an electronics engineer specialising in designing radio and data communications systems. Find out more:

Anthony, Apprenticeship in engineering

How do you become a cartographer?
How do you become a computer technician?


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