The Hidden Job Market


There are lots of job vacancies out there that are never advertised. These unadvertised jobs are called "the hidden job market". If you're only using online job searches to look for work, you're missing out on a lot of the jobs that are out there.

Applying for a job that hasn't been advertised improves your chances of getting it. If it hasn't been advertised, fewer people will know about it, which means fewer people will apply, which means less competition for that job.

How to tap into the hidden job market

Two of the best ways to find unadvertised jobs are networking and cold calling. There are other ways to go about it, too.


A network is just a group of people that you know, and the people that they know, and the people that they know, and so on. You've heard the expression, "I heard it from a friend of a friend"? That's an example of networking.

Everyone has a network. The people you go to school with, play sport with and volunteer with are all part of your network. So is your family.

Any of these people may know about unadvertised jobs that are available or about to become available. They might be able to let you know how to apply for that job before it gets advertised.

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Cold calling

"Cold calling" means contacting companies directly to ask about job vacancies.

Cold calling can be scary, but most people react well and often offer encouragement and further leads. If you're polite, very few people in business will bite your head off.

You'll get knocked back by a lot of the people you call, but don't give up. Cold calling is worth all the trouble in the world if it gets you a job, or even just an interview, in the long run.

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Other ways to tap into the hidden job market

Some other ways to tap into the hidden job market include: