Finding a job in rural or regional Victoria


Looking for work may present a few challenges if you live in rural or regional Victoria simply because there aren't as many jobs on offer as there are in metro Melbourne.

Tap Into Your Local Community

One of the great things about living rurally or regionally is that you and your family probably have a good network of connections to your local community. That means they probably know people who own or run local businesses or work at local workplaces.

Let your family and family friends know you're looking for work, but be specific about the type of work you're after. By tapping into this network, you may be able to find a job opportunity before it's advertised to the wider public.

Be Creative

You may face more challenges than your city cousins in getting the sort of job you really want , but that just means you have to think creatively. You could try:

  • Doing a job you hadn't considered before to get the experience
  • Working in a different industry
  • Talking to your careers advisor or a teacher at shool who may be aware of some job vacancies
  • Cold calling local businesses in your area
  • Contacting your local council (they have many links into your community, including the business community)
  • Approaching your local Rotary or Lions group, the chambers of commerce in your city or town, or other business networking groups for assistance

Tree Change or Sea Change

Moving from the city to the country offers plenty of benefits; from fresh air and friendly people, to cheaper rent and housing and a more laid back lifestyle. There may also be even greater job opportunities if you've got the skills in demand in a particular region.

Job Search Websites

Check the following websites for job opporunities in your local area: