Finding a housemate


Having a housemate can help reduce your household costs. It can also be a chance to make new friends and expand your social horizons. But how do you find a housemate in the first place? 

Here are some suggestions.

Online classifieds

Searching online is a successful way to connect vacant rooms with willing housemates. If you're advertising, there's usually a fee for a fixed time period and you can usually upload photos of your place and the room.

Places where you can post housemate wanted ads and browse through other people's ads include:

These are only a few suggestions. Do a search online to see what other classified services you can find.

Personal networks

Let your family and friends know you're looking for a housemate. The advantage is they come with a reference and you'll know a bit about your new co-tenant before they move in.


Depending on where you live, your local café, bookshop or supermarket may be the ideal place to pin up a notice describing the room you have available.

Universities and TAFEs also have formal or informal places where fellow students look for vacancies. Drop into their student union building and have a chat with someone about the best place to put up a housemate wanted notice.


You could also advertise for a housemate through your local newspaper. Classifieds are written in a particular style using lots of abbreviations such as:

  • M/F - male/female
  • OSP - off street parking
  • WIR - walk in robes
  • BRM - bedroom
  • PT - public transport
  • PCM - per calendar month
  • LUG - lock-up garage
  • OFP - open fire place

It costs money to place a classified ad, so make sure you find out what the rates are. It also pays to have a look through other people's ads to make sure your ad is clear, not too long and will attract the right kind of person.

Contact your local or regional paper through their website to find out how to submit a classified ad.

Be persistent

It might take a while to find the right housemate for you, but it pays to keep on looking. For more about housemates, check out these other pages on Youth Central:

Good luck, and may all your housemates be good ones!