The prospector


When you decide to do something, you work hard at it and you get things done. You’re used to success and don’t particularly like failure, or people who disappoint.

The strategic investor

You’ve been called an over-achiever, but the truth is there are some areas where you’re not so flash. You just stick to what you know. But you could take a few more risks without risking too much. Don’t be so conservative that you miss opportunities outside your comfort zone.

The voice of reason

You’re not afraid to stand up in public and say your bit. It just tends to be in a fairly calm voice. You prefer to have the facts before you leap in, and you often wonder why people get so worked up about an issue. But sometimes the solution isn’t so clear cut, and you need to take the long and winding road. You need to keep consulting and listening to fill in the space between the facts.

The next politician

You’ve sat on committees and written to politicians. You may even have joined a political party or handed out voting flyers. You’re starting to think about the next step, and may even be toying with the idea of running as a candidate yourself in a local election. You started thinking about bigger forums and the internet could be the way to go.

The clever networker

You’re pretty confident in a crowded room because you’re happy mingling. You know the value of contacts, mentors, networks and experience. You’ve probably already got your own database of contacts, website, business card. Although you work well in groups, you can find it hard to give up control. Don’t underestimate the power of your own peers. Sometimes the people who appear most ordinary have the most astounding insight.

Take action


Youth Action Network - Based in the United States, but with global projects and participation, this program aims to support young change-makers. Resources include blogs, forums, news and interviews.

Youth and the United Nations - Guidance on opportunities at the United Nations, including how to become a delegate to the UN National Assembly. Also includes and tools to evaluate policy, reports and information on UN activities.

Seeds of Peace - With a mission to empower young leaders from regions of conflict with leadership skills, this group has programs in the Middle East and South Asia.

Foundation for Young Australians - An independent national grant-making organisation, funding and working in partnership with youth-led projects. Take a look at what is funded and how to apply.

Australian Policy Online - Download policy recommendations and reports from government bodies, universities and other research centres.