The observer


You don’t like to stand out in a crowd, but you’re still keeping an eye on what’s going on. You’ll stay in the background, but you’re not necessarily a loner. You have strong ties with your network and you’re happiest with the people who know you well and like you the way you are.

The background watcher

You feel guilty every now and then about the state of the world and until now you haven’t done too much about it. But you’ve started getting a bit restless with the status quo and you’re starting to wonder what else is out there. You know you could do more, you just don’t want it to take over your life.

The look-before-leaper

It’s starting to bother you more and more and you think it’s about time you made your move. You’re looking for a way to join in without ripping up everything. You need to find a group of people that you’re comfortable with, and something really practical to do.

The quiet achiever

You’ll look for something easy first-up, and there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s just a way to start and it doesn’t have to be the big hurrah. You’re quite happy to beaver away at a job, you’re just not going to stick your neck way out there without a very good reason. And you don’t want to end up in the news, or in jail.

Don’t settle back too quickly, and don’t give up. Look around for the right fit. You need to find your thing, your cause, your people and your way of getting it done. Spend a bit of time finding out how other people are making waves (or ripples).

Take action


GetUp! - The ever-growing list of members in this grassroots organisation target their actions to hold politicans accountable. Join up to receive emails about campaigns, so you can choose where and how you want to act.

Make Poverty History - Find out about this global campaign with momentum, and what you can do to pressure politicians and decision makers about poverty, debt and related trade issue.

Adbusters - Amuse yourself with the online offerings from the popular magazine, devoted to turning expectation upside down and provoking people to take a few more risks.

Young Professionals for Charity - If you're busy working but know there's more you could be doing to help others, take a look at this site for some ideas and find out about the annual Melbourne ball.