The creative


Those labels make you so cranky. But you are a bit arty crafty. It might be painting, writing, acting, dancing, singing, even knitting ... you’ve always had that urge to put things together in an 'interesting' way.

The story teller

You don’t take too much for granted, and you’re ready to do some research to find out what’s really going on behind the news. You’re good at telling a tale (in words, images or music) and you’d like to do a bit more with that skill. People work with you because you like hearing their stories as much as you enjoy telling yours. When you get it together, you can make a powerful statement or pitch an issue from a unique perspective.

The Pied Piper

You’ve got to know a lot of interesting people over the years, and if you rounded them up for a good cause, they could really make some noise. You may have organised events in the past, and you’re thinking it could be a good way to get a message out there that needs to be heard.

The star gazer

Some people think you’ve got your head in the clouds, and it’s true that you could be a bit more realistic sometimes. There have been a few times when a bit of planning would have made things run like a new hybrid car rather than a rust-bucket combi van.

The surprise package

So they also might call you vague, flighty, dipsy, flaky or fruity. But you can, and do, work like a juiced-up bee when you’re on a roll and the end result can be astonishing. Hey, you might even have a bit of talent there. Don’t underestimate your power to communicate, even with those who call you a flake.

Take action


VibeWire - Become a member of this energetic site run by youth for youth and submit an article, write blogs, or provide images, video or podcast material on an issue close to your heart.

This is Not Art Festival - Annual event for emerging writers, publishers, performers and 'trouble-makers'. Includes four key programs: Electrofringe, National Young Writers' Festival, Sound Summit and Critical Animals.

Emerging Writers Festival - Submit your work, attend an event in the diverse program or volunteer your time to help out at this annual Victorian event.

Youth Speaks - Based in the United States, this non-profit organisation supports the spoken word through youth poetry slams, festivals and reading series. Take a look at some of the performances and publications for sample projects.

PhotoVoice - Browse projects where documentary photography is used within marginalised or vulnerable groups across the world to give participants some power over how they are represented.