The connector


You’re online most days (and nights), and when you’re not you get a bit twitchy. It’s not that you’re addicted or anti-social, you just find it easier to get your message out online. Identities and names are interchangeable, boy/girl/monster/mouse ... you flip between them as it suits. But increasingly, you want to stay true to yourself.

The web publisher

You’ve got your own website or a blog, or both. It’s even getting itself a bit of a reputation. So you’re thinking you could build it up a bit more, use it to gather some momentum behind an issue. Maybe even start adding some comments to an online forum about an issue close to your heart, or volunteer your technical skills to help a group get a good site up and running.

The global networker

Your world is so much bigger than the room you’re in, and your friends come from all over the place. Often you don’t even know their real names. You’ve found each other because you believe in the same things, and better yet, you believe things can change when the right group of people get moving and talking and typing. Use your power to rally a crowd when you need it, and you’d be surprised at your influence.

The future seeker

You’ve always been pretty quick to pick up new technology and sometimes you get frustrated with people who have trouble with email, or insist on doing things ‘the old way’ and having endless meetings. Don’t be so quick to judge or dismiss the ‘old school’. Instead, think about how you can help take their message and passion out to more people, using technology.

The digital persuader

You don’t have a lot of time for people who want you to march in the streets or punch the sky with your fist. Actually, you’d rather stay fairly low key when you’re out in the open air.  But once you’re virtual, you’re pretty confident. You’ve even got a few fans who copy your online style. You’re just starting to understand the potential for persuasion, and it may be time to think about how you can change some minds beyond your inner circle. Put your voice out further afield, and it could even get you through some doors you thought were locked.

Don’t forget to check in with the world of flesh and blood. People move in different (and sometimes mysterious) ways, and sometimes getting together in person is the best way to communicate.

Take action


TakingITGlobal - Online community for young people across the world, with web-based tools for managing projects, blogs and discussion boards.

The Virtual Activist 2.0 - An online classroom with a vast range of lessons on using technology strategically for grassroots efforts related to political campaigns and public policy issues.