The challenger


It’s often your hand that's up to volunteer and you are generous with your time. Life is jam-packed with meetings, fundraising, letter writing, campaigning and some good nights out with your friends. But it can spin your head, and sometimes you forget which crisis you’re working on this week.

The busy bee

Slow down for a day or two and take a look around. You’re a prime candidate for activist burnout, and although you might enjoy the flames, it won’t help anyone if you crash and burn.

The action seeker

You can get frustrated with people who stand back, but sometimes the quiet ones really do have something to say. Give them a chance to speak up and explain their point of view. Think about how to appeal to a broad group of people and how to involve all sorts in meetings and campaigns. Your energy and pace can be overwhelming for some people, but you don’t want to leave them behind.

The die-hard devotee

You know the world isn’t black and white, but sometimes you get so worked up that you forget there may be another side to the story. Don’t be too quick to make judgements. Do your research and take some time to plan out a project through to the end.

The risk taker

Sometimes you’re up and ready to break into that building or jump in with your two cents before you’ve thought through all the consequences. Don’t trip over yourself and end up doing something that’s dangerous, illegal or just a bit silly. Find out about the rules of engagement. – sometimes there’s a good reason why things are done a certain way, and doing things one way rather than another may be the secret key to unlocking the door to a decision maker.

Take action


Activist Rights - Information designed to be distributed to activist groups, outline legal rights and responsibilities in Victoria and Australia.

The Ruckus Society - Provides tools and resources to environmental, social justice and human rights campaigners.