Local Councillors


What are Local Councillors?

Victoria is divided into a number of local councils made up of the adjoining towns, cities or suburbs in regional and metropolitan areas. Local Councillors are those people who have been elected to represent you in your local area. They are usually referred to as Councillors. The head of Local Government in your area is known as the Mayor.

What are their responsibilities?

Your Local Council is responsible for providing services within your Local Government area. These kinds of services include:

  • Maintenance of local roads and footpaths
  • Rubbish collection
  • Town planning and building regulations
  • Infant welfare centres and child care centres
  • Meals on wheels
  • Libraries
  • Maintenance of parks and gardens
  • Swimming pools
  • Youth programs

Of course there's lots more that your Local Council does. Find your local council website (new window) for specific area on your Local Government area. You can also see the names of the Councillors within your Local Government area and other basic facts.

How are Local Councillors elected?

The people who live in or own property in each Local Government area can choose who they want to be on their Local Council by voting in council elections.

The rules about the conduct of elections are set out in the Local Government Act and Regulations. Local Government elections (new window) are held every four years on the last Saturday in November.

What's my Local Council?

You might already know which Local Government area or the name of the Local Council you live in. For example, if you live in Horsham, your Local Government is the Horsham Rural City Council. If you live in Box Hill, your Local Government is the City of Whitehorse.

To find your Local Government area, you can search for the place name (new window) of the city or town where you live.


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This site provides a range of information about the structure of Local Government in Victoria.

Municipal Association of Victoria
The Municipal Association of Victoria is the peak body for Victoria's 79 Local Government Councils.

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The Australian Local Government Association is the national voice of Local Government, representing more than 700 councils across the country.